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With a background in carpentry and working on some decking projects for other builders I realised how little time and effort went into the outdoor living space. After some research in to the industry in the U.S. I realised the depth of design and the technical innovations that could be brought into this sector in the U.K. Around this time (15 years ago) composite decking products were being introduced from America and more innovative handrail systems started being developed.


Our business has grown alongside these products so we have wide knowledge and experience with them. This knowledge and experience has enabled us to cherry pick the best products across what is now a huge industry. Weather you want to lean on this knowledge or have a more complex discussion on the pro’s and con’s of any particular product or technique we’re here with the level of information needed.


We’ve resisted expanding and diluting our ability to ensure every projects is the best it can be. Our small team, including myself are on site for every project, no subcontractors or outside companies.

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