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Handrails on any project can be more than just a safety feature they can add high end design and really lift the appearance of any project or property. With our years of experience fitting and fabricating handrail systems for both residential and commercial customers we can advise and guide you through the many options available. Alpine have chosen a range of handrails we know are the best quality through a variety of budgets. Systems from traditional to new cutting edge designs so your project can reflect your property and get the aesthetic your looking for.



Frameless glass, Newquay.JPG


Our structural glazing systems come into their own when a great view needs to be unobstructed and an ultra clean aesthetic required. We can advise and specify your system to ensure the right glass type is used and the installation will meet the required building regulations. Our team has been fitting these systems since the conception around a decade ago. Frameless glass has become very popular as it’s a great way to get a ‘grand design’ look to any property.


The original and much loved material for high end finished projects. Weather glass or cable infill is used stainless steel never fails to look great. We only use 316 marine grade steel to ensure the handrail is low maintenance for decades to come. Being completely bespoke and made to order it’s a great system for more complex projects with multiple levels and stairs. Our range of self closing glass gates seamlessly blend with this system to add a special finishing touch.



Our hybrid system is an innovative design which gains it’s strength from it’s structural top rail rather than posts. For many situations it needs no posts at all, just a minimal base rail and a sculptural aerofoil shaped top rail. Super clean modern design without the heavy laminated glass and structure needed for a frameless system.


Some of the latest innovations have come in the aluminium systems. Similar to stainless steel but lighter and more cost effective. The aluminium comes with an anodized finish which protects it from the elements and corrosion. For those who want a post and rail system but don’t like the look of stainless steel these new aluminium systems are a great alternative.

Hardwood, stainless steel & glass, Port


Of course you don’t need a ‘system’ at all, just your imagination. We’re happy to design a handrail with you to your own specification. We can use timber, composites, cedar screening and even incorporate elements from our glass systems to give you a unique handrail like no other.